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Protoneer CNC Shield V3.
A red board with four different electronic components including Protoneer CNC Shield V3 for Arduino enthusiasts.
Protoneer enthusiasts can utilize the Protoneer CNC Shield V3 to control stepper motors efficiently.

Related PCB : CNC Shield V3

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CNC Shield V3: Unleashing the Potential of CNC and 3D Printing Projects

The CNC Shield V3 is a powerful and versatile accessory for Arduino enthusiasts and hobbyists in the realm of CNC machining and 3D printing. It stands out as a crucial component in simplifying the management and operation of stepper motors, a core element in CNC and 3D printing technology. By interfacing effortlessly with Arduino boards, it transforms your project into a more sophisticated and capable machine.

This shield's compatibility with Arduino UNO and Mega boards makes it an accessible option for a broad range of users, from beginners to more experienced makers. Its design facilitates the connection of up to four stepper motor drivers, such as A4988 or DRV8825, which are essential for controlling the motion in CNC machines and 3D printers.

A key feature of the CNC Shield V3 is its ability to support GRBL, an open-source firmware that converts G-code commands into stepper signals. This makes it highly adaptable and suitable for a wide range of applications. The shield's support for 4-axis control (X, Y, Z, and an optional A-axis) further enhances its versatility, allowing for complex and varied machine operations.

In addition to its technical capabilities, the CNC Shield V3 is user-friendly, with a compact design and straightforward setup process. The shield can be easily integrated into existing projects, making it a convenient and practical choice for DIY enthusiasts and professional makers alike.


  • Arduino Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Arduino UNO and Mega boards.
  • Stepper Motor Driver Support: Compatible with popular drivers like A4988, DRV8825, and others.
  • Axis Control: Capable of controlling up to four axes (X, Y, Z, A).
  • End Stops: Includes 2 end stops for each axis (6 in total).
  • Spindle and Coolant Control: Facilitates spindle enable/disable and coolant enable/disable.
  • Micro-Stepping: Features jumpers for micro-stepping adjustments.
  • Compact Design: Streamlined for easy integration into various projects.
  • Voltage Range: Operates on a 12-36V DC power supply.
  • Additional Features: Spindle and coolant control, stepper motor connectors, GRBL 0.8c compatibility.

    Warning: Ensure you are knowledgeable about motherboard installations before purchasing the Mainboard. Always disconnect the power cable before starting the installation process. Incorrect installation can lead to serious issues, including damage to the printer.



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