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We Provide 3D Printer Support and Maintenance for School


3D printing technology is now becoming increasingly commonplace. 3D printing is also a tech skill that will be in high demand in the future. And 3D printing will help future inventors and developers create even more amazing things. As 3D printing technology becomes more accessible, more and more schools are incorporating it into their curriculum to give students a taste of what it can do. 3D printing is now becoming one of their course units.

The worst thing that can happen to a student facing a robot competition tomorrow is a faulty 3D printer. We understand the key to repair a 3D printer for school is time. The students will get disappointed if they miss the robot competition because their 3D printer is not working properly. Instead of spending a few months sending the 3D printer back to the manufacturer or even overseas, you could use that time to create something amazing. That's why We are your go-to source for all things 3D printing in the local area. From support and maintenance to repairs and services for schools and educational organizations, we've got you covered. We will save time and money for your school by using our innovative methods.

Our focus is on providing 3D printer services, repair and maintenance to schools. Ensure that the 3D printer is in constant use to avoid any down time. ​We want to make sure that the 3D Printers are safe and clean for educational purposes. We offer both on-school and off-school maintenance services, including during school holidays. Because we are a local business based in Perth and that's why we can provide fast, convenient, efficient, local services. We are also providing 3D printers to schools and educational organizations to help them with their studies and research.

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