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Discover precision and reliability with our wide range of extruders at 3D Printing Perth. The extruder is the heart of the 3D printing process, responsible for feeding filament to the hotend with consistency and accuracy. Our collection includes a variety of extruder models, catering to different 3D printer setups and filament types. Whether you are looking for a direct drive or Bowden extruder, our selection is engineered to provide optimal performance, minimizing filament slipping and ensuring accurate filament feeding. Upgrade or replace your current extruder with our top-quality options, and experience a noticeable difference in print quality and reliability. At 3D Printing Perth, we are committed to offering products that enhance the efficiency and performance of your 3D printing endeavors. Explore our extruder collection and invest in a component that is pivotal to achieving excellent print results, every time.

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              PTFE Teflon tube outer Ø 4mm inner Ø 2mm per meter


              PTFE Teflon tube outer Ø 3mm inner Ø 2mm per meter


              PTFE Teflon tube outer Ø 4mm inner Ø 3mm per meter


              PTFE Teflon tube outer Ø 6mm inner Ø 4mm per meter


              Extruder Set Upgrade version for CR10 Drive Feeder


              Extruder Set Seamless Feeding Drive Feeder


              Stepper Motor Nema 17 17HS4023 (Titan Motor) -AE


              Stepper Motor Nema 17 17HS3401S -AD


              Extruder Set Double Gear / Double Pneumatic Joint Drive Feeder


              Extruder Set Aluminum Alloy CR10 / Ender Drive Feeder


              Stepper Motor Nema 17 17HS6001 - AJ


              Extruder Set Aluminum Alloy BullDog Upgraded Drive Feeder

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