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Fluorescent Filaments

Illuminate your 3D printing projects with our vibrant collection of Fluorescent Filaments at 3D Printing Perth. Known for their glowing properties under UV light, these filaments add a burst of color and a touch of luminescence to any creation. Whether it's for artistic installations, festive decorations, or fun educational models, our Fluorescent Filaments are designed to make a bold statement. Experience the ease of printing combined with the visual delight of fluorescent colors that come to life under UV illumination. At 3D Printing Perth, we are committed to offering innovative filament solutions that inspire creativity and elevate your printing experience. Our Fluorescent Filaments are a testament to this, providing a blend of reliability, printability, and aesthetic appeal. Step into a bright and glowing world of 3D printing with our Fluorescent Filaments, and let your imagination shine in vibrant, luminous colors.

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                Filament - Toyar PLA (Fluorescent) 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament

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