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Heat Block

How 3D Printer Heating Block work

While 3D printer Heating Block may be the smallest of the components, it does play a key role in the 3D printing process. Without the 3D printer Heating Block, the heat cartridge would just be free to keep heating up filament on its own, even if it needed to cool down! 3D printer heating block keep the heat form the heat cartridge, transfer the heat from the heater cartridge to filament, the filament starts to melt inside the heat block and come out from the nozzle . The plastic filament will be formed into different shape on the printing bed. To prevent overheating, there is a thermistor that monitors the heater temperature. If the temperature exceeds a safe level, the power to the heater is shut off. This safety feature allows you to print with PLA at temperatures as low as correct temperature. It is very important to have correct temperature for printing, otherwise the 3D printed part will be defective. And also it need to heat up to assemble and disassemble the heating block. The cooling fan will push all the heat away, and then the heat will absorb by the heat cartridge.

What we provide

We are providing good quality 3D Printer Heating Block including MK8 and E3D, with competitive price. Our goal is to provide you with the best 3D Printer Heating Block so that you can focus on designing your dream model while we take care of everything else. Benefits of 3D Printing offers a lot of advantages that would be impossible to replicate by hand or with traditional manufacturing methods.

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                Heating Block CR8 / CR10 (20X20X10) mm


                Heating Block E3D - V5 (16X16X12) mm


                Heating Block MK10 (20X20X10) mm


                Heating Block for Makerbot (16X16X12) mm


                Heating Block MK8 (20X20X10) mm ~ 3 types


                Heating Block E3D - V6 (20X16X12) mm


                Heating Block for Ultimaker 2 UM2 (24X12X6.5) mm


                Heating Block 2 Filement in / Dual Colour (32X14X14) mm


                Heating Block E3D FULL IRON (22X16X11) mm ~ support 2 type thermistor


                Heating Block E3D Volcano (20X20X11) mm


                Heating Block E3D - V6 Volcano (24X20X11) mm


                Heating Block E3D - V6 (23X16X12) mm

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