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Heat Block

Achieve precise temperature control with our collection of Heat Blocks at 3D Printing Perth. These crucial components ensure consistent heating, enabling accurate melting of the filament for smooth extrusion. Our range includes various designs compatible with different 3D printers and nozzles, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your setup. Durable and reliable, our Heat Blocks are engineered for long-term performance, making them a trusted choice for your 3D printing needs. Explore our collection at 3D Printing Perth and invest in a component designed to elevate the quality and efficiency of your 3D printing endeavors.

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                Heating Block MK8 (20X20X10) mm ~ 3 types


                Heating Block CR8 / CR10 (20X20X10) mm


                Heating Block E3D - V6 (20X16X12) mm


                Heating Block E3D - V5 (16X16X12) mm


                Heating Block MK10 (20X20X10) mm


                Heating Block for Makerbot (16X16X12) mm


                Heating Block E3D Volcano (20X20X11) mm


                Heating Block E3D - V6 Volcano (24X20X11) mm


                Heating Block 2 Filement in / Dual Colour (32X14X14) mm


                Heating Block E3D FULL IRON (22X16X11) mm ~ support 2 type thermistor


                Heating Block E3D - V6 (23X16X12) mm


                Heating Block for Ultimaker 2 UM2 (24X12X6.5) mm

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