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Multi-colors filament

The multiple colors filament is an innovative and fun product that brings a new level of excitement to 3D printing. This unique filament boasts of different colours in a single string, which creates a fascinating and mesmerizing effect that is different from the traditional printing process.

The filament is created with special technology that allows it to reflect different hues and shades depending on the angle of view. This means that as the filament moves through the printer, it produces a range of colours and patterns, making every print stand out as a work of art.

The multiple colors filament is available in a wide range of colours, including neon and pastel shades that give prints a pop of colour and vibrant energy. It is also available in more subdued tones, perfect for creating elegant and more refined prints.

Overall, the multiple colors filament is a must-have for anyone looking to bring a new level of creativity to their 3D printing projects. It is easy to use, versatile, and offers endless possibilities for creating unique and captivating prints that are sure to impress.

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                Filament - Toyar PLA Tri-color Silk 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament TYPS3


                Filament - Toyar PLA Bicolor Silk 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament TYPSC


                Filament - Toyar PLA Shining 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament TYPSK


                Filament - Landu PETG Sparkling 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament LDPK


                Filament - Toyar PLA Matte Dual Color 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament TYPM2


                Filament - Toyar PETG Translucent Gradient 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament TYEC

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