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Hotend Throat

Hotend Throat is a path way throat for filament load into the hot area smoothly. Nozzle and throat have to be locked together, if not filament will leak from the gap of the throat and nozzle.

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                Throat MK8 All Threaded 26mm - 50mm long


                Throat E3D V6 Threaded 22mm long


                Throat E3D Multi-Colour / Kraken M6 X 23mm long


                Throat MK8 smooth 26mm long


                Throat E3D V6 Threaded 26mm long


                Throat MK8 Threaded 26.5mm long


                Throat MK10 M7 X 26mm long


                Throat MK8 Threaded with NUT M6 X 30mm long


                Throat for Creality CR10 Smooth 27mm long


                Throat for E3D V6 Bimetallic 22mm long


                Throat for Ultimaker Threated M5 X 20mm long


                Throat Titanium Alloy TC4 for Creality CR10 1.75mm

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