Build platform Kapton Blue tape surface

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Blue painter’s tape, is other option of highly cost effective alternative. It can make the printed object stay on the platform without any problem. 


Dimensions (150mm X 150mm) , (200mm X 210mm) , (300mm X 300mm)
Package Qty Single
Color Blue


1. Wipe down your bare build platform making sure it is clean and free of debris.
2. Trim the surface sheet to match the size of your build plate (if not already).
3. Remove the white adhesive liner and apply the surface sheet to the bare build plate. Start from one edge of the build plate and work your way to the other edge, smoothing the surface sheet with a credit card or decal applicator.
4. Re-level your surface and ensure that the nozzle height is properly set (usually between .10 – .25mm).

To ensure the longevity of the surface sheet, use a spatula or putty knife with smooth/rounded corners. Avoid using solvents, such as acetone, to clean it.
Typically with other build surface solutions, such as blue masking tape or polyimide, a heavy deposit or “smoosh” is used on the first print layers.