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A 3D printer designed for educational purposes, now available in Perth.
Commercial 3D printer suitable for businesses, on sale in Perth.
High-quality 3D printer ideal for school projects, now in stock in Perth.
Advanced 3D printer promoting hands-on learning, available in Perth.
3D printer with user-friendly interface, perfect for education and commercial use in Perth.
State-of-the-art 3D printer suitable for both educational and commercial purposes, for sale in Perth.
Compact and efficient 3D printer, perfect for schools and small businesses, now in Perth.
Innovative 3D printer fostering creativity and learning, available for purchase in Perth.
 3D printer offering precise printing, ideal for commercial use, now in Perth.
 Affordable 3D printer that's easy to operate, great for schools, available in Perth.
 Robust 3D printer providing consistent results, suitable for commercial use, on sale in Perth.
 Cutting-edge 3D printer encouraging interactive learning, now available in Perth.
 High-speed 3D printer offering efficient performance, perfect for commercial use, in stock in Perth.
 Easy-to-maintain 3D printer designed for long-term use, good for schools, available in Perth.
 Versatile 3D printer supporting various materials, ideal for commercial projects, now in Perth.
 3D printer with a large build volume, suitable for educational purposes, for sale in Perth.
 Commercial 3D printer with detailed printing capabilities, available in Perth.
 User-friendly 3D printer enhancing the learning experience, now in Perth.
 Professional-grade 3D printer, great for commercial applications, available in Perth.
A 3D printer model suitable for educational purposes displayed in a Perth store.
Commercial 3D printers available for purchase at a technology shop in Perth.

3D Printer MINGDA MD-400D for Education 400 X 400 X 400mm

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A sleek, high-tech 3D printer suitable for educational and commercial use in Perth.

we proudly present the MD-400D Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer. Our mission is to provide businesses with a powerful and versatile 3D printing solution that enables them to create finer and more complex prototypes while doubling their productivity. With the MD-400D, you can unlock a world of possibilities and take your business to new heights.

Compact and portable 3D printer, ideal for school settings in Perth.

Function and Features:

-Dual extruders that work independently for flexible and precise control
-Simultaneous and independent extruder operation for higher productivity
-Multiple printing modes: Duplicate Mode, Mirror Mode, and Support Mode
-Fully enclosed metal structure for stable and controlled printing environment
-Removable PEI build plate for excellent adhesion and easy print removal
-Air filtration system to clean particles, including nanoparticles, from the air
-Smart Resume Printing Function for automatic printing resumption after power-off
-Double gears direct extruder for stable and accurate printing, reducing under extrusion risk
-5-inch colorful touch screen for simple operation
-Automatic filament detection to pause printing when filament runs out or breaks


Advanced 3D printer model displayed in a store in Perth, perfect for both education and business.

The MD-400D is equipped with dual extruders that work independently, allowing for flexible and precise control over your 3D printing projects. Each extruder can operate separately, preventing unwanted filament overflow onto the printed object. This feature ensures that your prints are clean and accurate. However, when higher productivity is required, the extruders can also work simultaneously and independently, effectively doubling your output.


Modern 3D printer for sale, offering enhanced learning opportunities for schools in Perth.

One of the key advantages of the MD-400D is its versatility. It supports a wide range of printing modes, including Duplicate Mode, Mirror Mode, and Support Mode. In Duplicate Mode, the printer functions as two separate printers, enabling you to achieve double the productivity. Mirror Mode allows for the printing of symmetrical models while saving half the time. Support Mode is ideal for complex structural models, reducing the risk of failed prints caused by an unleveled build plate.

Cutting-edge 3D printer model, now available for purchase in Perth, perfect for school projects.

The MD-400D features a fully enclosed metal structure, which provides a stable and controlled printing environment. This is particularly important when printing with advanced materials like ABS, as it helps to prevent issues such as model shrinkage, warping at corners, and broken filaments. With the MD-400D, you can achieve high-quality prints with exceptional precision and success rates.

State-of-the-art 3D printer model for sale in Perth, well-suited for educational environments.

To further enhance the printing experience, the MD-400D is equipped with a removable PEI build plate. This flexible build surface offers excellent adhesion during the printing process, ensuring that your prints stick securely to the plate. When your prints are finished, the flexible nature of the PEI plate makes it easy to remove them without causing any damage.

Commercial 3D printer available in Perth, designed to meet the demands of both businesses and educational institutions.

The MD-400D also features an air filtration system, which effectively cleans particles, including nanoparticles, from the air. This not only ensures a clean and healthy working environment but also helps to reduce the noise generated during the printing process. With the MD-400D, you can enjoy a quiet and efficient printing experience.

An array of 3D printers showcased in a Perth store, ideal for enhancing school curriculums.



The MD-400D is designed to meet the specific needs of businesses that require high-quality and complex 3D prints. Its specialization lies in its ability to handle intricate designs and produce fine details with precision. Whether you are in the aerospace, automotive, medical, manufacturing, or education industry, the MD-400D can cater to your specific requirements.

Innovative 3D printer on display, designed to meet the needs of both commercial and educational sectors in Perth.

In the aerospace industry, the MD-400D can be used to create prototypes of aircraft components, allowing for thorough testing and validation before production. Its ability to print complex structural models makes it an ideal choice for engineers and designers in this field.

High-quality 3D printer being demonstrated, now selling in Perth, great for school applications.

For the automotive industry, the MD-400D can be utilized to produce prototypes of car parts, enabling manufacturers to test their designs and make necessary adjustments before mass production. This helps to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

In the medical field, the MD-400D can be used to create anatomical models, surgical guides, and prosthetics. Its high precision and accuracy ensure that medical professionals have access to reliable and customized tools for patient care.

Versatile 3D printer on display in a Perth shop, ideal for both commercial and school use.

Manufacturing companies can benefit from the MD-400D by using it to produce small batch productions of customized products. This allows for greater flexibility and faster turnaround times, giving businesses a competitive edge in the market.

Professional-grade 3D printer for sale in Perth, capable of meeting the demands of both business and education.

Educational institutions can also leverage the MD-400D to enhance their STEM programs and provide students with hands-on experience in 3D printing technology. The MD-400D's user-friendly interface and reliable performance make it an excellent choice for educational settings.

Top-of-the-line 3D printer showcased in a Perth store, designed for educational and commercial use.


The MD-400D Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer is a powerful and versatile solution for businesses seeking to create finer and more complex prototypes while increasing productivity. With its dual extruders, flexible printing modes, fully enclosed metal structure, and advanced features, the MD-400D offers exceptional precision, reliability, and efficiency.

Whether you are in the aerospace, automotive, medical, manufacturing, or education industry, the MD-400D is designed to meet your specific needs. Experience the future of additive manufacturing with the MD-400D and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.

An array of high-tech 3D printers suitable for both commercial and educational purposes in Perth.



Premium quality 3D printer for sale in Perth, perfect for enhancing the learning experience in schools.

Product Parameters
Printing Technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Print Volume 400*400*400mm
Duplicate Mode 400(2*200)*400*400mm
Mirror Mode 400(2*175)*400*400mm
Extruder Quantity 2
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm (0.6mm, 0.8mm optional)
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Filament Compatibility Common filament:
Engineering filament:
ABS-GF25, ABS-CF20, PA-GF25/CF25;
Support filament:
S-Mulit, S-HtPA, PVA, etc
Power Requirements 1001240V-50/60Hz
Rated Power 700W ( Extruder: 80W Hot Bed: 500W )
Connectivity Type-C, SD card, USB
Resume Printing Function Save data when power is off
Filament Detection Pause printing when filament run out
Extruder Temperature <110 °C
Platform Temperature <350 °C
Recommend Printing Speed 60-100 mm/s
Max Printing Speed 200mm/s
Print Precision ± 0.1 mm
Platforrn PEI
Package Weight 112.5Kg
Package Size 82x72x108cm
Support Software MINGDA-Cura, Reptier-Host, Simplify3D
Supported File Types STL, Obj, G-code
Operating Systems Windows (7,8,10,11) Mac OS X


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