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The 3D printer Flsun T1 fast 1000mm/s with integrated AI Features, a high-speed product from FLSUN, elegantly sits atop a sleek marble table.
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Pre-Order 3D printer Flsun T1 fast 1000mm/s with integrated AI Features

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Note (Please read): 

Please be aware that the Flsun T1 3D printer is on pre-order, expected to arrive by the end of July. Take advantage of a $380 discount on full upfront payment for $1119, or save $300 with a $300 deposit for the price of $1199. Should you need to cancel before shipment, you're entitled to an 80% refund of the printer's price. As the printer arrives or before the final payment is due, we'll send you a photo for confirmation. You can then complete the payment and either collect the printer in-store or have it shipped to your address.

Welcome to the future of 3D printing with the FLSUN T1, engineered to deliver high-speed printing without compromising on accuracy or quality. Discover the blend of rapid prototyping and intelligent design that makes the T1 a standout in the 3D printing arena.

The Need for Speed: Maximizing Your Productivity

Unparalleled Printing Velocity

The FLSUN T1 redefines what it means to print quickly, offering a max printing speed of 1000mm/s. This feature ensures your ideas are realized at a pace that keeps up with the speed of your creativity.

Acceleration That Defies Expectations

With a staggering max acceleration of 30000mm/s², the T1 transitions from intricate details to sweeping layers with unmatched agility, making it the printer of choice for those who value time as much as they do precision.

AI-Enhanced Printing: The Smarter Way to Create

Intelligent Monitoring: Always in the Know

The integrated camera in the FLSUN T1 doesn't just watch over your prints; it's the central hub of the T1’s AI features. It offers real-time monitoring and time-lapse photography, keeping you connected to your printing process wherever you are.

Proactive Problem Solving with AI

With the T1’s advanced AI features, including debris detection and spaghetti detection, your prints are safeguarded against common issues. These smart capabilities allow the T1 to anticipate problems, pause printing, and notify you to take action, ensuring a seamless printing experience.

High-Speed Printing Capabilities

Breaking Down the Speed

Discuss the printer’s 1000mm/s maximum print speed and how this translates to real-world applications, emphasizing the reduction in print times and the ability to rapidly iterate design prototypes.

Acceleration and What It Means for You

Explain the importance of the printer's 30000mm/s² acceleration in achieving high print speeds while maintaining precision and quality, and how this benefits users in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Advanced AI Features and Monitoring

The Role of the AI Camera

Delve into the functionalities of the AI camera, detailing its capabilities for real-time monitoring and how it integrates with the printer’s software to provide users with peace of mind and remote control.  Ensuring every layer is as perfect as the clear Western Australian skies.

Debris and Spaghetti Detection Explained

Outline how the AI-driven debris and spaghetti detection features work, the technology behind them, and the ways in which they prevent print failures, saving time and materials.

Smart Printing Solutions

Power Efficiency and User Convenience

Describe the printer’s energy-saving features, such as auto-sleep and auto shutdown, and how they contribute to a sustainable printing environment.

Filament Detection and Auto-Leveling

Detail the mechanisms and benefits of filament detection and auto-leveling, and how they contribute to a user-friendly experience by simplifying the print preparation process.

Build and Material Quality

Durability of Full Metal Frame

Highlight the construction and advantages of the full metal frame, focusing on its contribution to the overall stability and longevity of the printer.

Versatility of the Heated Bed

Discuss the heated bed’s ability to reach 110°C and its impact on the printer's compatibility with various filaments, contributing to the FLSUN T1’s versatility.

User Interface and Experience

Touchscreen Interface

Examine the user experience provided by the 4.3" color touchscreen, detailing its ease of use, responsive design, and the way it streamlines printer interactions.

Storage and Connectivity Options

Discuss the benefits of having 8GB EMMC and 16GB USB Flash storage, and how these features allow for a large library of print files to be stored and easily accessed.

Health and Safety in Printing

Benefits of the Composite Air Filter

Illustrate the health benefits provided by the composite HEPA and activated carbon filter, explaining how it contributes to a safer printing environment, just as the pristine beaches of Perth offer a breath of fresh air to all who visit.

The Importance of Clean Printing

Discuss the importance of maintaining a clean printing environment and how the FLSUN T1’s air filtration system ensures a healthier workspace.

Why Choose the FLSUN T1

Summarize the key points that make the FLSUN T1 an excellent choice for both 3D printing novices and seasoned professionals, emphasizing its blend of speed, AI features, user-friendly design, and commitment to quality and safety.



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