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Pre-order the FLSUN 3D printer Flsun S1 fast 1200mm/s with integrated AI Features and enjoy a discount.
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Pre-Order 3D printer Flsun S1 fast 1200mm/s with integrated AI Features

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Note (Please read): 

Please be aware that the Flsun S1 3D printer is on pre-order, expected to arrive by the Mid of July (First arrival) - (Sold out), Mid of August (Second arrival) - (limited Stock), Mid of September(third arrival) - (Available) . Take advantage of a $460 discount on full upfront payment for $2139, or save $310 with a $500 deposit for the price of $2289. Should you need to cancel before shipment, you're entitled to an 80% refund of the printer's price. As the printer arrives or before the final payment is due, we'll send you a photo for confirmation. You can then complete the payment and either collect the printer in-store or have it shipped to your address.

Please note, the Flsun S1 has a substantial weight of 46kg. While we welcome you to pick it up directly from our store, we do not offer delivery services for this item. Should you choose to purchase online, you will need to arrange your own delivery method. Thank you for your understanding.


Experience the pinnacle of 3D printing innovation with the FLSUN S1. Merging commercial-grade capabilities with consumer-friendly pricing, this printer stands as a testament to technological advancement in 3D printing, accessible directly from Perth's renowned 3D Printing Perth store.

Unmatched Build Volume in its Class

The FLSUN S1 redefines what’s possible in consumer 3D printing with its massive build volume of 320mm in diameter and 430mm in height. Now, even the most ambitious projects can come to life without the constraints of smaller machines.

Peak Performance with High-Temperature Hotend

Equipped with an 80W hotend heater capable of reaching 350°C, the FLSUN S1 is designed to handle a vast array of filaments. From the robustness of ABS and ASA to the flexibility of TPU, push the boundaries of your creative work. From the robustness of ABS to the flexibility of TPU, your printing is limited only by your creativity, a feature we're proud to support here in the heart of Perth.

Fully Enclosed for Optimal Material Use

A fully enclosed design ensures consistent temperatures and a controlled environment, perfect for high-quality prints with materials that require stable conditions. It's a feature that usually comes with a commercial price tag, yet the FLSUN S1 brings it within reach of the consumer. This feature is critical for the varied climate of Western Australia, ensuring a consistent printing environment every time.

Dual Gear Direct Drive Extruder

Say goodbye to filament slippage and unreliable extrusion. The FLSUN S1’s dual gear direct drive extruder provides unwavering filament grip, ensuring that every print is detailed and free of imperfections.

Durability with Hardened Steel Nozzle

When using abrasive filaments like carbon fiber or ASA, a standard nozzle won’t suffice. The FLSUN S1’s hardened steel nozzle stands up to the toughest materials, maintaining its precision over countless prints.

Speed Redefined: Fast and Furious Printing

Time is of the essence, and the FLSUN S1 is built for speed with a max printing speed of 1200mm/s and acceleration of 40000mm/s². Pair that with a max flow rate of 110mm³/s for PLA, and you’re looking at efficiency that’s hard to beat. It's the perfect match for the fast-paced lifestyle of Perth, where time is as valuable as precision.

Smart Printing with Detachable PEI Surface

The detachable textured PEI print surface is a marvel of convenience, making print removal a breeze while the 120°C max heated bed ensures excellent adhesion for a variety of filaments.

Innovative Power Efficiency

Smart Zone Heating technology conserves energy by heating only the necessary parts of the bed. Combined with auto-sleep and auto power-off features, the FLSUN S1 is as energy-efficient as it is powerful.

AI-Powered Precision

AI Lidar Detection brings a new level of precision to 3D printing, with first layer, accuracy, and flow calibrations automated to perfection. It's the kind of innovation you’d expect from a commercial-grade machine. It reflects the forward-thinking ethos of Australia's innovative spirit, allowing for quick turnover and continuous productivity.

Sensors for Uninterrupted Printing

Material quantity monitoring, filament detection, and clog detection sensors keep your prints running smoothly, ensuring the FLSUN S1 maintains its operation without constant supervision.

Advanced Technology for Seamless Operation

Boasting a Quad-core ARM A7 processor and generous on-board storage, the FLSUN S1’s full integration touch screen with PC interface offers an unparalleled user experience.

Z-axis Vibration Compensation and Auto-Leveling

Precision engineering ensures that every layer is flawless and every print adheres with perfect alignment, thanks to the Z-axis Vibration Compensation and Auto-Leveling features.

Intelligent Monitoring with Built-in Camera

The FLSUN S1's onboard camera isn't just for show; it's the eyes of the printer's advanced AI system. This intelligent monitoring extends your presence, providing real-time oversight of printing processes from anywhere. Whether you're in a different room or out running errands, the FLSUN S1's camera keeps you informed.

AI-Driven Debris and Spaghetti Detection

Spaghetti prints are a thing of the past with the FLSUN S1. The AI doesn't just monitor; it actively looks for signs of trouble. It can detect debris that could affect print quality and notice the telltale signs of a spaghetti print before they ruin your project. If anything goes awry, the printer pauses, allowing you to intervene in time, saving your materials and effort.

First Layer Detection for a Flawless Start

The first layer is where many print jobs face challenges. The AI Lidar Detection of the FLSUN S1 scans this crucial layer, ensuring it's applied perfectly. If not, the system can adjust on the fly, avoiding the common pitfalls that can compromise the success of a 3D print.

Accuracy and Flow Calibration at Your Service

With the FLSUN S1, you won't have to guess if your settings are correct. The AI handles accuracy calibration by constantly adjusting for optimal performance, ensuring that what you've designed is what gets printed. Flow calibration is similarly managed by the AI, which tweaks the extrusion rate for the perfect filament flow, tailored to your specific design's needs.

AI Lidar for Precise Calibration

The FLSUN S1's Lidar isn't just for mapping the first layer. It's an all-around precision tool that ensures every print meets your exact standards. From detecting minute shifts that could affect your print's outcome to making real-time adjustments, the AI is like having an expert standing by, dedicated to perfection.

Proactive Print Failure Detection

Your time is valuable, and the FLSUN S1's AI works to protect it. By detecting potential print failures before they become a problem, the AI system saves you from wasted hours and resources. This proactive approach to print management is what sets the FLSUN S1 apart as a true market innovator.



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