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A Day at School: Servicing and Reviving 10 UPbox 3D Printers

Arrival and Assessment

The sun had barely started its ascent when our team from 3D Printing Perth arrived at a local school. The task at hand was clear – service 10 UPbox 3D printers. These machines, integral to the school's technology and design curriculum, had seen continuous usage by enthusiastic students. Over time, this meant accumulated dust, potential misalignment, and the need for thorough servicing.

A computer is sitting on a desk next to a 3D printer.

The Service Procedure

Each UPbox 3D printer was treated with the meticulous care that we're known for:

  1. Internal Cleaning: The first step involved opening up each machine and removing any accumulated dust, stray filament strands, and any debris that might have crept in. Ensuring the inner components were pristine was crucial for the optimal functioning of these printers.

  2. External Refinement: The exteriors weren't neglected either. Wiping down each printer, we ensured they not only worked perfectly but also radiated a renewed shine.

  3. Diagnostic Run: Once refined, each printer underwent a rigorous diagnostic process. This was to confirm all components were operating seamlessly and the printing quality was impeccable.

  4. Bed Calibration: One of the most crucial aspects of 3D printing is ensuring the print bed is level. Any misalignment can lead to print failures or imperfections. Our team painstakingly calibrated the bed of each UPbox, ensuring a smooth and even printing surface.

A close up of a nozzle with a wire attached to it.


Time Well Spent

The entire process, while detailed, was efficiently executed. Four hours flew by, and by the end, all 10 UPbox 3D printers stood revived, refined, and recalibrated, ready to inspire and aid the students in their creative endeavors.

Gratitude and Departure

As we packed up our tools and prepared to leave, the school's gratitude was palpable. Their fleet of UPbox 3D printers, now in pristine condition, were ready to serve the students once more. Smiles and words of appreciation were exchanged, and with a sense of fulfillment, our team departed.

A 3d printer sits on a desk next to a computer.


Our venture to the school was a testament to our commitment to ensuring 3D printers, no matter where they are, perform at their peak. At 3D Printing Perth, we believe in the power of technology to inspire, and we're proud to play our part in nurturing the next generation of creators and innovators.


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