Throat Titanium Alloy TC4 for Creality CR10 1.75mm

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Hotend Throat make a pathway for filament go from cool zone to hot zone, The inner size for insert filament must be perfect fit for the filament you are using, the inner hole is too big, the filament will jam on the hot zone, the filament will not be able to come out from the nozzle. The throat come with different size, different length, different size thread, all metal or with PTFE tube. Different type of the throats has different usage. The throat, hot block and nozzle must be secure tight to make sure the melted filament will not be able to come out from the gap between the throat and nozzle.


This short MK8 throat is specially made for Creality CR10 3D printer for 1.75mm filament. It made from good quality Titanium Alloy.


                Quantity : 1

                Material: Titanium Alloy

For 3D Printer 1.75mm Extruder

Radiating end: 7mm

Heating end thread: M6