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A red vintage Gordon Nezich STL File : 1963 VW Beetle Vehicle is parked on a wooden surface with a tropical beach scene featuring blue water and palm trees in the background, evoking a sense of automotive nostalgia.
A red toy car with white rims and an open roof, reminiscent of a 1963 VW Beetle, displayed against a white background.
A red 3D-printed model of a classic 1963 VW Beetle with a sunroof, front headlights, and a license plate reading
A small, red, vintage-style STL File : 1963 VW Beetle Vehicle by Gordon Nezich evokes automotive nostalgia with a printed label that reads
A small red model car, resembling a vintage 1963 VW Beetle, with an open-top design is displayed against a light background with a subtle hexagonal pattern. Perfect for automotive nostalgia enthusiasts, this piece even comes as a 3D printable file: STL File : 1963 VW Beetle Vehicle by Gordon Nezich.
A 3D-printed model of a red classic car with a
A small red vintage STL File : 1963 VW Beetle Vehicle by Gordon Nezich with a white license plate is displayed against a white background with faint hexagonal patterns. The car has a beige interior and an open roof portion. Text:
Close-up of a red Gordon Nezich STL File: 1963 VW Beetle Vehicle with sunlight reflecting off it, evoking automotive nostalgia, with a blurred green toy car in the background.
Close-up of a red toy car with detailed headlights and parts, showcasing its textured surface and design, reminiscent of the STL File : 1963 VW Beetle Vehicle by Gordon Nezich.
Close-up of the interior of a small red toy car, showing two brown front seats and part of the steering wheel, evoking true automotive nostalgia reminiscent of a STL File : 1963 VW Beetle Vehicle by Gordon Nezich.
Close-up of a 1963 VW Beetle's red and white wheel with a VW emblem in the center, evoking automotive nostalgia. The body of the car is also visible in a bright red color, perfect for those seeking an STL File : 1963 VW Beetle Vehicle by Gordon Nezich to capture this classic beauty.

STL File : 1963 VW Beetle Vehicle

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Own a piece of automotive history with this downloadable 3D printable file of a classic 1963 VW Beetle, meticulously designed by Gordon Nezich. This instantly recognizable car captures the spirit of an era, allowing you to bring a touch of automotive nostalgia to your home or office.

A Beloved Classic for Your Collection (Specs Included):

  • Model Size: 200mm (length) x 76mm (height) x 76mm (width) - This makes it a perfect size for displaying on a shelf or desk.
  • Scalable Design: The beauty of 3D printing is the ability to customize the size of your printed creations. Scale this 1963 VW Beetle model up or down to fit your specific needs. Create a stunning centerpiece with a larger scale model or add a charming touch to a gift basket with a smaller version.
  • Weight (estimated): 165g (Please note this is an estimate and may vary depending on your infill settings.)
  • Sturdy Design: This 3D printed model is designed to be sturdy, making it a great option for children (with adult supervision) or as a collectible.

Printing Options for All Skill Levels:

  • FDM Filament Printing: Ideal for beginners due to affordability and ease of use. We recommend a layer height of 0.1mm to 0.2mm to capture intricate details.
  • Resin Printing: For a smoother, more detailed finish, consider using a resin printer. However, these printers typically require more setup and post-processing than filament printers.

Choose Your Printing Adventure (License & Compatibility):

  • License: This 3D printable file is sold with a non-commercial license. You can print the model for personal use or gifts, but not for resale.
  • Compatible Printers: This file comes in two formats: STL and .3MF. The STL file is compatible with most 3D printing software programs and can be printed on both FDM filament printers and resin printers (depending on your printer's size limitations). The .3MF file is a higher resolution version and may not be compatible with all slicer programs.

Additional Tips for Printing:

  • The seller recommends using a 5% infill and 2 walls when printing this model.
  • For smaller parts, a resin printer is recommended for achieving finer details.
  • The car can also be printed entirely on a larger resin printer for better results.
  • The model comes with wheels that can roll freely, made from 70mm x 3.6mm metal nails or tent pegs.
  • Assembly instructions are included. These include gluing the wheels onto the axles, gluing the chassis to the inner shell, gluing the body of the car to the shell, and painting details as desired.
  • The windows can be used as templates to cut clear plastic to size and glue into the body before assembly.

Bring Back Memories with a 3D Printed Classic!

With a 3D printer and this downloadable file, you can bring a beloved icon of the 1960s into your world. Order your 1963 VW Beetle 3D printable file today and start creating a timeless classic for yourself or as a gift!



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