Nozzle MK10 Stainless steel Throat SET M7 threaded nozzle

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Product information for Mk10 Stainless Steel Nozzle

Model Name: MK10 Stainless Steel Nozzles

Material: Stainless Steel

Product Size: 13mm X 7mm

Inner diameter: 2.0mm, 3.2mm

Filament: For 1.75mm,3mm

Thread: M6

Nozzle diameter: 0.1mm/0.2mm/0.25mm/0.3mm/0.35mm/0.4mm/0.5mm/0.6mm/0.8mm/1.0mm

Package: 1 nozzle



MK10 Throat Nozzle set selling in Perth


Description for MK10 Stainless Steel Nozzle

A MK10 Stainless Steel nozzle is a powerful tool that can be used for 3D printing. It can be used to extrude molten plastic material, which is heated first to the melt temperature, to layer it on top of previously deposited layers to form objects. is the perfect place in Australia for all your 3D printing needs!

The filament smoothly extruded from the nozzle, creating a perfectly even layer. This extruder is made of high-quality Stainless-Steel materials that extrude both PLA filament and ABS filament smoothly, with a nozzle diameter of 0.2mm / 0.3mm / 0.4mm / 0.5mm / 0.6mm / 0.7mm / 0.8mm / 1.0mm. The filament being extruded can have an even thickness, making it perfect for use in 3D printers - creating beautiful, high-quality prints. The filament is not affected by temperature changes and has a low friction coefficient, making it easier to remove from the nozzle.

This MK10 Stainless Steel nozzle is perfect for printing with PLA or ABS. It can reach temperatures up to 240 °C, making it perfect for printing with these two types of filaments. It has a 0.2mm / 0.3mm / 0.4mm / 0.5mm / 0.6mm / 0.7mm / 0.8mm / 1.0mm hole size, making it perfect for MK10 hot ends.

This MK10 Stainless Steel Nozzle Extruder Stainless Steel 3D Printer Nozzle is one of the most popular nozzle extruders because of its Stainless-Steel construction and smooth exterior that prevents clogging – making it a great choice for any filament type. No more pesky filament jams! The M7 threaded nozzle makes installation a breeze - this MK10 Stainless Steel nozzle is threaded to fit securely onto a 3D printer's heat block, with its filament anti-overflow design ensuring your print projects won't be interrupted.

This Stainless Steel MK10 nozzle has a smooth surface inside that provides a perfect place for inserting filaments. Its smooth interior walls make it perfect for printing intricate designs. The MK10 is often used with PLA and ABS, and its 1.75mm filament size means that it can be inserted into a standard 3D printer nozzle.

The angel-shaped cutouts on the nozzles help the filament to smoothly flow and reduce the resistance to extrusion. With its flat surface on top, the nozzle ensures a constant pressure when pushing the filament through the extruder, making filament movement and extrusion easier than ever. This results in beautifully precise prints with a superior surface finish, no nozzle leakage, and minimal stringing. The nozzle also has a M7 thread on the top and bottom, making it easy to change nozzles without any modifications to the printer.

The MK10 Stainless Steel nozzle has a size marked on the side. With a quick glance, you can see that it comes in sizes 0.2mm / 0.3mm / 0.4mm / 0.5mm / 0.6mm / 0.7mm / 0.8mm / 1.0mm. If you need to use a different sized nozzle, it's easy to switch out the nozzles and hobbled bolts to match the size of filament you're using.