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Nozzle E3D V5 V6 Hardened steel M6 threaded nozzle for 1.75/3mm.
Nozzle E3D V5 V6 Hardened steel M6 threaded nozzle for 1.75/3mm.
High-performance hardened steel M6 threaded nozzle for 1.75/3mm filament - Nozzle E3D V5 V6
High-performance steel nozzle for E3D V5/V6 with M6 threading. Fits 1.75/3mm filament.
Highly durable Nozzle E3D V5 V6 for 1.75/3mm filament with M6 threading
Nozzle E3D V5/V6 Hardened Steel M6 Threaded Nozzle for 1.75/3mm - Durable and Versatile.
High-quality E3D V5/V6 steel nozzle for 1.75/3mm filament. Durable & threaded. Perfect for precise 3D printing. Order now!
High-performance Hardened steel M6 nozzle for 1.75/3mm filament - Nozzle E3D V5 V6
High-quality E3D V5/V6 steel nozzle, M6 threaded for 1.75/3mm filaments.
Highly durable hardened steel M6 threaded nozzle for 1.75/3mm filaments - Nozzle E3D V5 V6
Maximize print quality and durability with our Hardened Steel Nozzle for E3D V5 V6. Threaded for M6 and compatible with 1.75/3mm filaments.
Nozzle E3D V5 V6 for 1.75/3mm - Hardened steel M6 threaded 120 chars
High-quality E3D V5 V6 nozzle, for 1.75/3mm printers. Hardened steel, M6 thread. Highly durable.

Nozzle E3D V5 V6 Hardened steel M6 threaded nozzle for 1.75/3mm

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Product information for E3D V5 V6 Hardened steel Nozzle

Model Name: E3D V5 V6 hardened steel Nozzles

Material: Hardened Steel

Product Size: 12.5mm X 7.5mm

Inner diameter: 2.0mm, 3.2mm

Filament: For 1.75mm,3mm

Thread: M6

Nozzle diameter: 0.1mm/0.2mm/0.25mm/0.3mm/0.35mm/0.4mm/0.5mm/0.6mm/0.8mm/1.0mm

Package: 1 nozzle


Description for E3D V5 V6 Harden steel Nozzle


Hardened Steel Vs Brass

The material of hardened steel nozzle and brass nozzle is different in 4 ways. Firstly, hardened steel 3D printer nozzle will last longer because it is stronger and harder. You can print harder materials such as nylon without worrying about wearing out the nozzle. Faster heat up time. No more waiting for your printer to heat up. Secondly, Tougher surface makes removing jams easier. Reduce jamming. This can save you a lot of time and money. Third, Hardness steel 3D printer nozzle is more cheap for long term even its cost higher than brass because it is a better metal, you didn't need to change nozzle for your 3D printer that often. Forth, Hardness is very good for avoid clogging and wear out. The nozzle has stable quality for print high layer.


What filament is compatible with hardened steel nozzle

This hardened steel E3D nozzle is an appropriate fit for printing with carbon fibre, glass filled PLA, fibre wood filament or glow-in-the-dark filament. Carbon-filled filaments cause rapid and significant damage to standard nozzles. That why hardened steel nozzle was developed these incredibly wear-resistant nozzles to deal with the toughest filaments on the market. The hardened steel nozzle has been designed to resist the effects of the most aggressive filaments.


Smooth outside with M6 threaded anti-overflow of the filament design.

The design of this E3D hardened steel nozzle is a smooth outside wall, with M6 threaded anti-overflow. You can use this M6 threaded nozzle to ensure that there will be no clogging of the filament. This gives you the most optimum and accurate 3D printing experience. The Printrbot Simple M6 Nozzle is also compatible with most of the popular and reliable 3D printer models that use the standard M6 threaded nozzle. This way, you can enjoy having a wide variety of 3D printing options with this one tool!


Size marked on the side of the E3D hardened steel nozzle.

A particularly handy detail about the E3D hardened steel nozzle is that it has the size of the nozzle clearly marked on the side of the nozzle. Look for the number of the desired size of the nozzle on the side of the nozzle. For example, you can find a 0.2mm nozzle on the side of the nozzle. A metal-lined marker outlines the nozzle size for instant measuring. You'll need to swap the nozzle and/or hobbled bolt for ones that match the size of filament you're trying to print.



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