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A MakerBase MKS Robin Nano V1.2 motherboard with multiple connectors on it, designed specifically for 3D printer control. This board is compatible with Marlin 2.0 firmware and utilizes the MKS Robin Nano.
A diagram showcasing the components of an Arduino board for MakerBase MKS Robin Nano V1.2, a 3D printer control board, integrated with Marlin 2.0 firmware.
A MakerBase MKS Robin Nano V1.2 motherboard with many different components on it, designed for 3D printer control and compatible with Marlin 2.0 firmware.

Motherboard MakerBase MKS Robin Nano V1.2

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The MakerBase MKS Robin Nano V1.2 is a 32-bit 3D printer control board equipped with an STM32F103VET6 microcontroller. It supports Marlin 2.0 firmware and is compatible with MKS Robin TFT touch screens (sizes ranging from 24 to 43). The board integrates a 5-axis interface, a hotbed, two heating heads, three NTC100K thermistors, and one MAX31855 thermocouple input. Additionally, it supports MKS Robin WIFI for cloud printing and can update firmware via SD card.


  • Microcontroller: STM32F103VET6 (32-bit)
  • Firmware: Supports Marlin 2.0
  • Screen Compatibility: MKS Robin TFT24/28/32/35/43 touch screens
  • Axis Interface: 5 AXIS interface
  • Heating Elements: Supports 1 hot bed and 2 heating heads
  • Thermistors: 3 NTC100K
  • Thermocouple Input: 1 MAX31855
  • WIFI Capability: Supports MKS Robin WIFI for cloud printing
  • Firmware Update: Via SD card
  • Additional Features: Integrated after-shutdown functionality

Warning: Ensure you are knowledgeable about motherboard installations before purchasing the Mainboard. Always disconnect the power cable before starting the installation process. Incorrect installation can lead to serious issues, including damage to the printer.



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