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A small MakerBase MKS PI V1.1 (Support Klipper) 3D printing controller board with a micro usb port and a micro usb cable.
A small Motherboard MakerBase MKS PI V1.1 (Support Klipper) controller board with a micro USB cable.

Motherboard MakerBase MKS PI V1.1 (Support Klipper)

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The MKS PI V1.1 is a substantial upgrade for 3D printing enthusiasts looking for a powerful and versatile controller board. With its advanced hardware and seamless Klipper firmware support, it provides an enhanced 3D printing experience.

The Makerbase MKS PI V1.1 is a sophisticated microcomputer board tailored for 3D printing applications, designed as a high-end alternative to the Raspberry Pi, especially for users utilizing the Klipper firmware. This board combines powerful hardware with comprehensive connectivity options, making it a versatile choice for enhancing 3D printing capabilities.

Product Description

  1. High-Performance Hardware: The MKS PI V1.1 boasts a robust 4-core 64-bit SOC coupled with 1GB DDR3 memory. This combination provides ample power and speed, ensuring efficient processing and handling of complex 3D printing tasks.

  2. Enhanced Connectivity: The board supports HDMI and PI-TS35 screen interfaces, offering flexibility in display and monitor choices. It also includes an Ethernet port and three USB interfaces, catering to a variety of peripheral connections such as 3D printer mainboards, USB cameras, and wireless network cards.

  3. Software Compatibility: The MKS PI V1.1 is optimized for use with the Klipper firmware, renowned for its high printing speed and precision. Makerbase provides a complete Klipper firmware based on the Armbian desktop system, which supports Klipper Screen, streamlining the setup process for users.

  4. User-Friendly Design: Designed to match the Raspberry Pi 3B in size and mounting holes, the MKS PI V1.1 allows for easy integration into existing setups. Its user-oriented design simplifies the transition from a Raspberry Pi to this more powerful alternative.


  • Processor: 4-core 64-bit SOC
  • Memory: 1GB DDR3
  • Power Supply: Compatible with DC12/24V
  • Display Interfaces: Supports HDMI and PI-TS35 screens
  • Connectivity: Ethernet port and three USB interfaces for diverse connections
  • Compatibility: Designed to be a direct replacement for the Raspberry Pi 3B in terms of dimensions and mounting
  • Firmware Support: Directly supports Klipper and KlipperScreen for enhanced 3D printing experiences

    Warning: Ensure you are knowledgeable about motherboard installations before purchasing the Mainboard. Always disconnect the power cable before starting the installation process. Incorrect installation can lead to serious issues, including damage to the printer.



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