Idler Pulley Wheel 10mm Width for GT2 10mm belt

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The idea of using idler pully for 3D printer is providing supported passive movement for x-axis and y-axis timing belt. Idler pully makes the 3D printing stable and move smoothly. 6mm width idler pully is designed for 6mm width timing belt, which is quite common width for x-axis and y-axis of most 3D printer. Do not put 10mm width idler on if you are using only 6mm width as you will not have stable printing.

There are different number of teeth (20 teeth, 16 teeth, no teeth); Basically, number of teeth is not actually affecting the quality, but more teeth are worked better on fast printing. Without teeth idler pully is good for supporting the back the belt. The inner diameter is the inner hole which for the rod or screw, so make sure what diameter rod or screw you are installing on your printing, the common diameter inner hole is 3mm, 5mm and even 8mm. The bearing in the inner hole makes the movement more smoothly as well.


The idler pulley we have in stock including

Teeth Wdith Inner Outer
16 Teeth 6mm 3mm 13mm
No Teeth 6mm 3mm 13mm
20 Teeth 6mm 3mm 18mm
No Teeth 6mm 3mm 18mm
20 Teeth 6mm 4mm 18mm
No Teeth 6mm 4mm 18mm
20 Teeth 6mm 5mm 18mm
No Teeth 6mm 5mm 18mm