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E3D volcano 3D printing heat block is very popular and selling in Perth.
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Heating Block E3D Volcano (20X20X11) mm

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The marvelous E3D volcano of the size of 20mm x 20mm x 11mm that hypnotizes the block of plastic with its pyroclastic flow, before melting it down to its most pure form. The E3D Volcano is a great tool that can be used in a variety of ways. This E3D volcano heating block is a very popular hotend for RepRap and other 3D printers. It is probably the one of the best high-temperature block on the market, and it's used by many of the most popular 3D printers. It's also very easy to print with, with low flow resistance at both low and high temperatures. The Volcano can print anything from small models to large objects. It is a multi-material extruder with a massive build volume, but it uses a single nozzle. You can use this 3D printer nozzle on any 3D printer that has a 1.75 mm filament spool hole.



Size: 20mm (Long) X 20mm (Width) X 11mm (Height) 

Material: Aluminum

Supported Heat Cartridge: M6 X 20mm

Supported Thermistor: NTC 3950 100K

Colour: Silver

Quantity: 1 heating block

The product in this page is only for illustration purpose, not the real product. Actual product vary due to product enhancement.

Safety Guide

►Keep away from small children.
►This products are only suitable for 3D printer use indoors.
►To ensure your safety and proper operation of the equipment, we recommend that you should fully understand the operation and safety features of the 3D printer.
►Don't put this item into your month.
►3D printer replacement parts, Always shut off power to the circuit before starting installation work.
►The surface temperature of the 3D printer might be high, and be careful not to touch the heating element to prevent injury.
►3D printer initial operation, Do not run the equipment Unattended state.
►When printing with a PLA(190°C-230°C) or ABS(230°C-250°C)consumable, if the temperature sensor and other accessories fail, it may cause high temperature hazards. Do not run the equipment Unattended state.
►To ensure the users will use the product safely and properly, please read your 3D printer manual first and follow the instructions step by step before using the product.
►Due to the variety of possible end-uses, it is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to determine a product's suitability for a particular application.



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