Sync Wheel Drive Aluminum for 6mm width GT2 Timing Belt

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Sync Wheel Pulley drive normally attached on the stepper motor to move actively with the timing belt, that’s why sync wheel drive without bearing. It’s useful for moving X/Y/Z axis on 3D printer. And the number of teeth is matter and affecting the movement speed, accurate of print result, precision of print. So if you change different size , different number of teeth sync wheel remember to do the calibration. Also need to remember the lock securely on the stepper motor with the small screw, otherwise it may have movement skipped. Remember that the sync wheel pulley is not suitable for heavy load applications.




16  / 20 Teeth idler pulley

H-type synchronous pulley wheel

Tooth width : 6mm

Material: Aluminum

Tooth: 16 / 20 (T)

Belt Width: 6 (mm)

Inner hole diameter : 5mm / 6mm / 6.35mm / 8mm