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A black plastic box with a small hole in it designed for heat retention, the FLSUN Flsun V400 Hotend Silicone Sock.

Flsun V400 Hotend Silicone Sock

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The V400 hotend silicone sock for the Flsun V400 3D printer is a key component that enhances the printing process by offering several benefits. These silicone socks are original replacements from Flsun, ensuring compatibility and quality.

Product Description

  • Protection for Heating Block: The silicone sock acts as a protective layer for the heating block of the hotend, safeguarding it against burnt and blackened plastic. This helps in maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of the heating block.
  • Heat Retention: One of the primary functions of the silicone sock is to retain heat within the hotend. This retention is crucial for stabilizing the temperature during the printing process, leading to more consistent and high-quality prints.
  • Preventing Heat Transfer to Prints: By keeping the heat in the hotend, the silicone sock prevents unwanted heat transfer to the printed object. This is particularly important for delicate prints where heat distribution needs to be carefully controlled to avoid warping or other heat-related issues.
  • Quality and Compatibility: Being an original part from Flsun, these silicone socks are made to fit perfectly with the Flsun V400 model. Their quality ensures that they can withstand the high temperatures involved in 3D printing without degrading quickly.


  • Product Type: Hotend Silicone Sock
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for Flsun V400 and Flsun Super Racer 3D printers
  • Material: High-quality silicone
  • Content: Sold as a single piece

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