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A red thermometer with a wire attached to it, used in conjunction with a FLSUN heater cartridge for the FLSUN V400 3D printer.

Flsun V400 Heater Cartridge

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The Heater Cartridge for the Flsun V400 is a specialized component designed to effectively heat the hotend of the 3D printer. This heater cartridge is essential for reaching and maintaining the required temperatures for various types of filament. Here's an overview along with specifications:

Product Description

  • Efficient Heating: The Heater Cartridge is specifically designed to heat the hotend of the Flsun V400, ensuring that the printer reaches the necessary temperatures for efficient printing. It's capable of quickly heating up, which helps in reducing the overall time taken for print jobs to start.
  • High-Quality Material: Constructed from 304 Stainless Steel, the heater cartridge is both durable and resistant to corrosion. This material choice ensures longevity and consistent performance over extended periods.
  • Precise Temperature Management: The heater cartridge plays a crucial role in managing the precise temperatures required for different printing materials. Its efficiency is vital for maintaining the quality of prints and preventing issues related to improper melting of filaments.
  • Compatibility: As an original spare part designed for the Flsun V400, it offers seamless compatibility, ensuring that it integrates perfectly with the printer without any issues.


  • Voltage and Power: 24V, 40W
  • Dimensions: 6mm in diameter and 20mm in length
  • Wiring: Comes with 90cm long Teflon insulated wiring
  • Material: Made of 304 Stainless Steel for high corrosion prevention
  • Design: Includes a red plug specifically for the V400 models
  • Weight: Approximately 20 grams

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