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A motor with a hose attached to it, used as part of the Flsun V400 Effector / Hotend system in the FLSUN V400.
A black and white picture of a FLSUN V400 Effector / Hotend 3D printer.
A small black and white robot with a light attached to it, functioning as an Flsun V400 Effector/Hotend for the FLSUN 3D printer.

Flsun V400 Effector / Hotend

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The Flsun V400 Effector/Hotend is a crucial component of the Flsun V400 3D printer. It is designed to provide efficient heat dissipation, ensuring worry-free printing. This part is essential for the proper functioning of the printer's hotend assembly, contributing to the overall print quality and reliability of the printer.

The Flsun V400 Effector, a vital component of the Flsun V400 3D printer, embodies several key features enhancing the printer's performance:

  1. Efficient Heat Dissipation: The effector is designed to effectively dissipate heat, ensuring consistent printing performance without overheating issues.

  2. Capability for High-Temperature Printing: It supports high-temperature printing, making it suitable for a variety of filament types, including those that require higher extrusion temperatures.

  3. Double Gear Extruder: The effector includes a double gear extruder with an extrusion force of up to 80N, providing a strong and stable extrusion.

  4. Dual Gear Feeding: This feature contributes to more stable and reliable printing, ensuring the filament is fed evenly and consistently.

These attributes make the Flsun V400 Effector an integral part of the printer, crucial for maintaining optimal print quality and machine efficiency.



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