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FLSUN Flsun SR Dual Drive Extruder with dual-drive system for filament feeding on white background.
Planetary gearbox for the FLSUN Flsun SR Dual Drive Extruder stepper motor.
Flsun SR Dual Drive Extruder with tubing and a dual-drive system for filament feeding, featuring a rotational control knob on a white background.
Flsun SR Dual Drive Extruder with dual-drive filament feeding system on a white background.

Flsun SR Dual Drive Extruder

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The Flsun SR 3D Printer Extruder is a cutting-edge upgrade designed specifically for the FLSUN SuperRacer (SR) models, representing a significant leap in 3D printing technology. This extruder features a dual-drive system coupled with a metal vertical joint, ensuring unparalleled precision and reliability in filament feeding. Crafted for high performance, its robust design is both anti-aging and compatible with a wide range of filaments, making it an ideal choice for both hobbyists and professionals looking to enhance their 3D printing capabilities.

Engineered for excellence, the dual-drive mechanism of the Flsun SR Extruder guarantees consistent filament grip and propulsion, reducing the risk of slippage and misfeeds that can compromise print quality. This advanced extrusion technology ensures smooth, uninterrupted printing even with challenging filaments, from flexible materials to composites. Its metal vertical joint further enhances durability, providing a stable and secure connection that withstands the demands of extended printing sessions.

Compatibility and versatility are at the heart of the Flsun SR Extruder's design. It seamlessly adapts to FLSUN SuperRacer models, embodying a plug-and-play solution that revitalizes your 3D printer with minimal setup. This broad compatibility extends to various filament types, empowering users to explore a wide array of printing projects with confidence. Whether you're creating intricate models, functional prototypes, or artistic pieces, this extruder is equipped to handle your most ambitious endeavors.

Notably, the Flsun SR Extruder is built to last. Its high-strength construction is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your investment continues to pay dividends in the form of reliable, high-quality prints over time. The anti-aging features of this extruder mean that it maintains its performance and appearance, even under the strain of frequent use. This durability is matched by its strong performance, capable of meeting the demands of both speed and precision that modern 3D printing projects require.


  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for FLSUN SuperRacer (SR) models
  • Design: Dual-drive extruder with metal vertical joint for enhanced precision and durability
  • Performance: High-strength, anti-aging construction for reliable, long-term use
  • Filament Compatibility: Wide range of filament compatibility, suitable for various printing needs
  • Installation: Easy installation, offering a plug-and-play upgrade for FLSUN SR 3D printers


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