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A collection of various 3D-printed items made from Tronhoo Wood PLA filament, showcasing its versatility.
The packaging of Tronhoo Wood PLA 3D printing filament, highlighting its eco-friendly properties.

Filament - Tronhoo Wood PLA 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament THW

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A spool of Tronhoo Wood PLA 3D printing filament displayed against a wooden background.


This Wood Texture Filament 3D Printer is an eco-friendly and high-quality filament used for printing wood-like surfaces perfectly. Made from environmentally friendly materials extracted from corn and other plants, it is safe, odorless, and biodegradable. This filament has good toughness, tensile strength, and liquidity. It is compatible with 99.99% of FMD/FFF 3D printers and easy to work with, producing high printing accuracy and quality. With a tolerance of filament diameter controlled within ± 0.02mm, this filament has stable and even extrusion, resulting in good printing effects without warping.

The product features of our Wood Texture Filament 3D Printer are exceptional. Tronhoo Wood PLA 1.75mm filament is a PLA material created with natural wood powder for superior strength and durability, offering the perfect balance of printability and the unique aesthetics of printed wood parts. With a smooth matte finish and high tensile strength, this filament is sure to complete any 3D printing project. This filament has a wood-like color and texture, making it perfect for printing wood-like decorations, furniture accessories, and other wooden items.


 A close-up view of the unique wood-like texture of the Tronhoo Wood PLA filament.


As an environmentally friendly filament, it is made from corn or other plants, making it safe, odorless, and biodegradable, resulting in zero harm to the environment or any living being. It is highly compatible with 3D printers, providing excellent printing accuracy and quality. This filament has been designed to be not easily breakable, resulting in good toughness, tensile strength, and liquidity that is essential for producing high-quality 3D printed items.

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An intricately designed 3D-printed object created using Tronhoo Wood PLA filament.



- Wood like color and texture suitable for wood-like printing, decoration, furniture accessories, etc.
- Food grade and environmentally friendly material for zero harm to health and the environment.
- Compatible with 99.99% of FMD/FFF 3D printers, making it easy to form and offer good printing effects.
- Good toughness, tensile strength, and liquidity, ensuring no breakage, and good printing effects without warping.
- Filament diameter tolerance within ± 0.02mm for stable and even extrusion, resulting in high-precision printing accuracy and quality.


A side-by-side comparison of Tronhoo Wood PLA filament and traditional plastic filaments.



- Filament Diameter: 1.75 ± 0.2mm
- Printing Temperature: 175-200℃
- Heated Bed Temperature: 50-80℃
- Density: 1.25 ± 0.05 g/cm3
- Heat Deflection Temperature: 50-60℃
- Melt Flow Rate: 5-7 g/min (190℃ 2.16kg)
- Tensile Strength: ≥ 60 Mpa
- Bending Strength: ≥ 70 Mpa
- Elongation at Break: ≥3.0%
- Net weight: 1.0 kg 

A 3D printer in action, creating an object using Tronhoo Wood PLA filament in Perth.



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