Filament - SUNLU PLA + (PLUS) Standard Colour 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament

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The SUNLU PLA+ 3D Printing filament is made from PLA, which is derived from a renewable source, made from corn. SUNLU is committed to be environment-friendly manufacturing, the main plastic material based on the latest material science and engineering technology. The result of the research is green and safe for your children to play.

SUNLU PLA+ 3D printing filament, bright colors, soft touch, best choice for 3D printing. It features a multifunctional material, with low shrinkage rate. SUNLU PLA+ is made of a new type of industrial plastic with high strength and high hardness to ensure the greatest strength and durability. The SUNLU PLA+ are not easy to break, this is our highest quality filament, support fast printing and enough raw material. The SUNLU PLA+ 3D Printing filament is almost 5 times stronger than the normal standard PLA.

Sunlu PLA+ is a superior quality filament that can be printed on any printer with a temperature range between 210 and 235 degrees Celsius. The filament has a 1.75 mm diameter with a tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm and comes on a spool that weighs 1 kg.


Model: PLA PLUS (PLA+)
Diameter Format: 1.75mm
Print Temp.: 210-235℃
Tolerance: ±0.02mm
Print Speed: 50-100mm/s
Platform Temp: Depends on the platform: 0-80℃
N.W.: 1kg
G.W.: 1.3kg
Packing Size: 209*209*73mm
Length: 330m
Tensile Strength: 11-15kgf
Melt Flow Rate: 9-11g/10 min(190℃,2.16kg)
Colors: 14
Certificate: RoHS, Reach



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