Filament - SUNLU ABS 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament

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Sunlu 3D printing filament is the perfect choice for home 3D printing creators. This filament allows you to create your own models and come up with your own designs, making your 3D printing experience even more enjoyable.

If you're looking for an ABS filament that doesn't warp, Sunlu's ABS is a great option. It has a high level of flexibility, so you can print detailed objects with ease. ABS filament is made with a specialty bulk-polymerized ABS resin, which has significantly lower volatile content compared to traditional ABS resins. ABS is 3D printed at 230°C to 270°C to create strong and durable prints with a low risk of warping. Sunlu ABS 3D Printing filament no problems with tangles, bubbles or clogs. The extrusion is smooth and the adhesion is excellent, without any stringing or warping issues. SUNLU ABS filament is a perfect material for printing strong and attractive designs. It is highly impact-resistant and heat-resistant, making it great for functional prototyping. There is no need to polish ABS prints, making it a favorite among 3D printing enthusiasts. This high-quality ABS filament has been manufactured to the tightest tolerances, ensuring a smooth, interruption-free printing experience.


Sunlu ABS 3D Filament in Perth

Material: ABS
Diameter format: 1.75 mm
Printing temperature: 230-270°C
Tolerance: ±0.02 mm
Printing speed: 50-100 mm/s
Platform temperature: 80-120 °C
Net weight: 1kg
Gross weight: 1.3kg
Package dimensions: 209 * 209 * 73 mm
Length: 395m
Tensile strength: 6-11kgf
The melt flow rate: 12-19g / 10 minutes (220 °C, 10 kg)
Colour: 20
Certificate: RoHS, reach
Compatible with FDM 3D printers and 3D Pens that use 1.75mm filament


3D Printing ABS Filament is a great way to make your ideas a reality.