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A SUNLU S2 filament dryer box displayed in a Perth store
Close-up of the digital display on a SUNLU S2 filament dryer in Perth
3D printing enthusiasts examining a SUNLU S2 filament dryer box in Perth
A sleek and modern SUNLU S2 filament dryer box on sale in Perth
A well-organized display of SUNLU filament dryer boxes in a Perth shop
Customer holding a SUNLU S2 filament dryer box at a Perth retailer
A stack of SUNLU S2 filament dryer boxes ready for purchase in Perth

Filament Dryer - SUNLU filament dryer box S2

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The compact design of the SUNLU S2 filament dryer box showcased in Perth

3D Printing Perth is proud to present the latest version of Sunlu Filadryer - the S2. This innovative product has been designed to provide superior drying and filtration for 3D printing filaments, ensuring the utmost quality in your 3D prints. With its sleek modern design and user-friendly interface, the Sunlu Filadryer S2 is the perfect tool to ensure that your filament remains dry and clean, preventing nozzle clogs and other issues that can occur when using moist or dirty filaments.

One of the standout features of the Sunlu Filadryer S2 is its temperature-controlled drying chamber. With adjustable temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius, you can customize the drying process to suit your needs. The S2 also features a precision moisture sensor and a built-in timer, allowing you to easily monitor the drying process and ensure that your filaments are perfectly dried before use. This level of control ensures that your prints will come out clean and crisp every time.

A 3D printer with a SUNLU S2 filament dryer box set up in a Perth workshop

In addition to its drying functions, the Sunlu Filadryer S2 also acts as a filament cleaner, featuring a powerful HEPA filtration system that captures even the smallest particles and impurities. This not only helps to prevent nozzle clogs and other issues, but also ensures that your prints are free from unwanted debris and contaminants.

The Sunlu Filadryer S2 is also designed with intuitive controls and a bright, easy-to-read LED display. This allows you to easily adjust settings, set timers, and monitor the drying process. The S2 is also highly portable, with a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to move and store.


A side view of the SUNLU S2 filament dryer box revealing its features

Overall, the Sunlu Filadryer S2 is an essential tool for any 3D printing enthusiast looking to produce high-quality and reliable prints. With its precise temperature control, moisture sensor, HEPA filtration system, and user-friendly design, the S2 is the perfect addition to any 3D printing workspace. So why wait? Order your Sunlu Filadryer S2 from 3D Printing Perth today and take your 3D prints to the next level!


A customer comparing different filament dryer models, including the SUNLU S2 in Perth




  1. Intelligent Temperature Control: The Filadryer S2 is equipped with a smart temperature control system that maintains a consistent drying environment for your filaments, ensuring the best print quality.


  1. Large Capacity: With a maximum spool size of 210mm x 85mm, the Filadryer S2 can accommodate various filament sizes, making it perfect for all your 3D printing needs.


A detailed view of the control panel on the SUNLU S2 filament dryer box


  1. Easy-to-use Interface: The upgraded LCD touch screen allows for effortless control and monitoring of the drying process, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experts alike.


  1. Silent Operation: The Filadryer S2 operates quietly, ensuring minimal disturbance while maintaining your filaments in pristine condition.


  1. Durable and Compact Design: The Filadryer S2 features a sturdy, compact design that fits seamlessly into any workspace, making it an ideal addition to your 3D printing setup.


A Perth store employee demonstrating how to use the SUNLU S2 filament dryer box
A well-lit shelf featuring the SUNLU S2 filament dryer box in a Perth store


An online listing for the SUNLU S2 filament dryer box available in Perth
A Perth-based 3D printing enthusiast unboxing their new SUNLU S2 filament dryer





- Model: SUNLU Filadryer S2

- Product Size: 271mm x 100mm x 237mm

- Product Weight: 1.9kg

- Power Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

- Temperature Range: up to 70°C

- Filament Compatibility: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and more

- Maximum Spool Size: 210mm (diameter) x 85mm (width)

- Display: LCD Touch Screen


A user guide for the SUNLU S2 filament dryer box sold in Perth


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