Extruder Set Orbiter extruder Drive Feeder

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Extruder Type: Orbiter Extruder

Material: Plastic

Package included: 1 x Extruder Kit with stepper motor


This innovative orbiters extruder system is perfect for printing, offering high precision and light weight in a direct-drive design. This orbiter extruder is 7.5:1 gear ratio that operated by 3 gears set. 12mm filament drive gears help ensure smooth and precise filament movement, resulting in higher-quality prints. Up to 9.4kg of filament pushing force. Filament feeding acceleration of up to 600mm/s. 60mm/s can be the speed of retraction. Delrin gears are perfect for planetary systems. The Nylon housing and latch are filled with glass fiber for durability and style. The machined aluminum spider shaft is a work of art. Fitting a Bowden coupler on top. The LDO-36STH20-0504AH is a powerful and efficient 20mm high torque pancake stepper motor. It is perfect for a wide range of applications.