Extruder Set Flexible extruder Drive Feeder

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Extruder Type: Flexible Extruder

Material: Metal

Package included: 1 x Extruder Kit


This innovative extruder is a direct extruder for 3D printers that is seamless designed for better 3D printing performance. The seamless designed help reducing the amount of filament touching the metal surface. Hence, the risk of jamming is reduced to minimum. The extruder mechanism is made of aluminium, making it light weight and preventing clogging. The 3D printer extruder design is highly integrated with multiple functions. It also has a special pressure relief mechanism to prevent clogging in the plastic extruder nozzle, which can effectively solve the problem of 3D printer nozzle blocking. Compared with the traditional plastic extruder, this innovative extruder can greatly improve the printing accuracy. This extruder is adjustable, unlike traditional spring force extruders. Make sure the filament is inserted and moved securely by adjusting the dial nut to level 1 - 4.