Extruder Set Double Gear / Double Pneumatic Joint Drive Feeder

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Extruder Type: Double Gear / Double Pneumatic Joint Extruder

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Package included: 1 x Extruder Kit (neither left or right).


Make your 3D printing experience more enjoyable with the Double Gear / Double Pneumatic Joint extruder drive feeder. This high-quality 3D printer accessory ensures smooth and consistent printing, making it easier and more fun to make your own 3D creations. It comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation, and the unique two-gear design keeps your filament from slipping or breaking. The double gear extrusion mechanism ensures stable and smooth filament feeding. This provides a consistent 3D printing experience, reduces maintenance time, and more reliably creates a more precise print. The adjustable double pneumatic drive feeder is compatible with all compatible printer brands and materials. The Double Gear / Double Pneumatic Joint extruder drive feeder can work with any brand of thermoplastic filament. This 3D printer extruder is made with high-quality aluminum alloy materials, making it stronger and more durable. Precision-machined 3D printer gear is designed for durability and long-term use, making it an ideal choice for your printing needs. This extruder is super easy to use - just press down and insert your filament. You'll also get extra precision and much easier calibration with this extruder. This extruder can be used for both direct print and bowden print. This extruder is easier to install and does not need any firmware changes. This extruder can be fitted for E3D / J-Head / MK8 / MK10. etc. The support filament options include PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, WOOD, NYLON, TPU, TPE, PC, PEI, PP, ASA, HIPS, and Flexible Filaments. This 3D printer extruder feeder comes with everything you need for easy installation and replacement - it's a must-have for any 3D printer! Filament feeding is also more stable and smooth.