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A black Creality K1 / K1 Max Interface Board with white text.
A close up of a Creality K1 / K1 Max Interface Board.

Creality K1 / K1 Max Interface Board Replacement Part

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Product Description

  1. Enhance Your 3D Printing Experience: Upgrade your Creality K1 and K1 Max 3D printers with the cutting-edge PCB Interface Board. This essential upgrade consists of two meticulously assembled boards: the K1-NOZZLE-M_V12 and K1-NOZZLE-C_V13, designed to streamline your 3D printing process. This interface board promises an unparalleled level of precision and efficiency, ensuring your creations come to life just the way you envision.

  2. Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance: The PCB Interface Board for Creality K1 and K1 Max is a testament to high-quality engineering, featuring two key components - the K1-NOZZLE-M_V12 for managing the machine's movements and the K1-NOZZLE-C_V13 for controlling the cooling mechanisms. Together, they offer a seamless integration, enhancing the printer's performance and reliability, making it an indispensable tool for both hobbyists and professionals.

  3. Reliability and Compatibility Redefined: Designed specifically for the Creality K1 and K1 Max models, this PCB Interface Board integrates flawlessly, providing a significant upgrade with its two boards, the K1-NOZZLE-M_V12 and K1-NOZZLE-C_V13. It ensures consistent, high-quality prints by optimizing the printer’s mechanical and cooling functions, marking a new standard in 3D printing technology.

  4. Unleash the Full Potential of Your Printer: The specialized PCB Interface Board is engineered to unlock new capabilities in your Creality K1 and K1 Max 3D printers. By incorporating the K1-NOZZLE-M_V12 and K1-NOZZLE-C_V13 boards, this upgrade not only enhances print quality but also extends the printer's lifespan, offering a smart investment for those committed to excellence in 3D printing.


  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for Creality K1 and K1 Max 3D printers.
  • Components: Includes two main boards - K1-NOZZLE-M_V12 and K1-NOZZLE-C_V13.
  • Functionality: Enhances printing precision, stability, and cooling efficiency.
  • Installation: User-friendly, with guidance for easy integration into your 3D printer.
  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured to the highest standards for reliability and performance.


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