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A 3D Printer MINGDA Magician MAX - Auto Level - 320 X 320 X 400mm, specifically the MINGDA, is being advertised for a 40% discount sale, reducing the price to $419.4. The background is yellow with abstract shapes and a red sale tag. Perfect for large-scale printing projects!
A collection of various 3D-printed objects made with the MINGDA Magician MAX printer.
A close-up of the MINGDA Magician MAX's dual extruder, enabling multi-material printing.
The MINGDA Magician MAX 3D printer being used in an educational setting in Perth.

3D Printer MINGDA Magician MAX - Auto Level - 320 X 320 X 400mm

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Sleek MINGDA Magician MAX 3D Printer displayed in a modern Perth showroom.

The Mingda Magician Max 3D Printer is a high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly device designed to bring your creative ideas to life. This advanced 3D printer is capable of printing large-scale objects with precision and accuracy, using various types of filament materials. Constructed with a sturdy metal frame and featuring a generous 320x320x400mm print size, the Magician Max offers a stable and spacious platform for all your 3D printing needs.

Some of the standout features of the Mingda Magician Max 3D Printer include ultra-silent operation, one-click auto-leveling, a heated bed, filament run-out detection, and resume printing functionality. With its easy-to-use touch screen interface and versatile compatibility with different printing materials, this 3D printer is perfect for both beginners and experienced users alike.

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Close-up of the high-precision MINGDA Magician MAX printing a complex model.


Product Features

Large Print Area

The maximum print size is 320x320x400mm. With this large print size, even the biggest items can be printed on a single sheet. Imagine being able to print an entire piece of furniture in one go, without having to worry about splitting it up into smaller sections. That's the power of our 3D printing technology. Whether you're creating prototypes, models, or custom parts, our 3D printing services can handle even the most ambitious projects. So why settle for smaller print sizes when you can go big with our state-of-the-art 3D printers?

Excited customer in Perth unboxing their new MINGDA Magician MAX 3D printer.

Ultra-Silent Operation

The Mingda Magician Max 3D Printer operates at an impressively low noise level, ensuring a quiet and comfortable working environment.

The versatile MINGDA Magician MAX 3D printer showcasing its large build volume.


One-Click Auto-Leveling

Simplify the leveling process with the easy-to-use one-click auto-leveling feature, ensuring a perfectly leveled print bed every time. Leveling is the key to a successful print. Just one click away. Mingda's self-developed auto-leveling function automatically quickly and accurately compensates for unevenness in the heated bed above 16 points, helping you always get a perfect first layer with good prints

An intricate architectural model created with the MINGDA Magician MAX in Perth.

Double & Synchronized Z-axis

The large print volume of the Magician Max is stabilized by a double-driven Z-axis. each driven by an independent motor, are additionally connected with a toothed belt at the upper end of the frame. This synchronizes them and stabilizes their movements even more.

A side view of the MINGDA Magician MAX, highlighting its sturdy frame and design.


High Modular Design

This design allows the printer to be assembled in just five minutes, making it incredibly easy and quick to set up. This is a major advantage for anyone who needs to start printing right away and doesn't want to waste valuable time with a complicated assembly process. With the Magician MAX, you can get started on your printing projects almost immediately, without having to worry about spending hours or even days trying to put the printer together. And because the assembly process is so quick and easy, you can be sure that you're getting a machine that is both reliable and efficient, with all of the components expertly assembled and ready to go.

MINGDA Magician MAX 3D printer being demonstrated at a Perth trade show.


Heated Bed with Dual Gears Direct Extruder

The built-in heated bed allows for better adhesion and improved print quality, especially when working with temperature-sensitive materials. Equipped with advanced twin-speed direct extruder. Compared to only one active gear. Double gears ensure more precise filament control and prevent filament from slipping too quickly. Accommodating flexible materials, the printer reduces filament transfer jitter to ensure smooth printing

A detailed 3D-printed figurine made using the MINGDA Magician MAX printer.


Filament Run-Out Detection and Resume Printing Function

Never worry about running out of filament mid-print, as the Magician Max will automatically pause and alert you to change the filament. In case of power outages or accidental disconnections, the printer can easily resume printing from where it left off, saving time and reducing waste.

Perth-based artists collaborating on a project using the MINGDA Magician MAX.

Touch Screen Interface

The user-friendly touch screen control panel makes navigating through settings and options a breeze, even for beginners.

The user-friendly touchscreen interface of the MINGDA Magician MAX 3D printer.


Wide Material Compatibility with Fast Print

The Mingda Magician Max supports various types of filament materials, including PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and more. The maximum printing speed is 200 mm/s (average 90 mm/s, 2 times faster than other companies). Faster speeds make 3D printing even more fun.

A 3D-printed prosthetic hand created with the MINGDA Magician MAX in Perth.

Product Specifications

● Printing Principle: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
● Platform: Heated Bed
● Print size: 320x320x400mm
● Printing speed: Up to 200mm/s
● Printing method: SD Card, USB Drive, Type-C connection
● Calibration: One-Click Auto-Leveling
● Filament diameter: 1.75mm
● Printing material: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, etc.
● Heat bed: Yes
● Nozzle size: 0.4mm
● Extruder: Single
● Filament run-out detection: Yes
● Resume Printing: Yes
● Tool Box: Included
● Max nozzle temperature: 260°C
● Max heatbed temperature: 110°C
● Average speed: 60-80mm/s
● Auto Leveling: Yes
● Touch Screen: Yes
● Power off resume: Yes
● Extruder: Direct Drive
● Control panel: Touch Screen Interface
● Z-axis: Dual Lead Screw
● Machine Weight: 10kg
● Machine Dimension: 550x430x660mm

A comparison of print quality between the MINGDA Magician MAX and other 3D printers.

Package includes:

Filament, User manual, Filament holder, Tool box cover, M5*25 (2pcs), M4*20 (4pcs), SD card, Teflon tube, Nozzle, Power cable, Wrench, Allen wrench, M3*8 (2pcs)


A time-lapse video of the MINGDA Magician MAX printing a large-scale sculpture.



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