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A transparent spool of environmentally friendly Toyar PLA filament for 3D printing.
A Toyar PLA filament spool on a table for 3D printing.
Environmentally friendly transparent Toyar PLA filament.
Toyar Transparent PLA filament for 3D printing.
Toyar PLA transparent 3D printing filament.
Transparent green Toyar PLA filament for environmentally friendly 3D printing.
Toyar Transparent orange PLA filament for 3D printing.
A spool of Toyar PLA (Transparent) 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament for eco-friendly 3D printing.

Filament - Toyar PLA (Transparent) 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament

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Toyar 3D printing Filament


Embarking on a journey through the vast horizon of 3D printing, Toyar emerges as an embodiment of precision and pioneering craftsmanship. A proud testament to ShenZhen Toyar Technology Co.,Ltd's dedication to pushing boundaries, Toyar’s transparent PLA filament beautifully marries technological prowess with the artistry of design.

Venturing into the specifics, PLA is revered in the 3D printing community for its ease of use and environmental friendliness. Derived from renewable resources, PLA ensures minimal warping, making it a preferred choice for models and sculptures. Its natural glossy sheen adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the vibrancy of colors while ensuring a smooth print every time.

Diving into the colorscape of Toyar's transparent PLA range, one is met with a palette that is both subtle and expressive. The "Pure Transparent" speaks to the purist, offering a crystal-clear canvas to bring visions to life. The array of greens, from the delicate "Transparent Grass Green" to the deeper "Transparent Green", captures the myriad shades of nature. The warmth of "Transparent Yellow" and "Transparent Orange" evokes golden sunsets, while "Transparent Red" adds a dash of passion. Not to be left behind, the "Transparent Blue" is reminiscent of clear skies, promising clarity in every print.

Quality is a commitment that Toyar upholds with utmost sincerity. Every filament spool is sealed with precision, ensuring it's free from impurities and bubbles. With a consistent diameter of 1.75mm and a standard weight of 1kg, Toyar reiterates its promise of perfection and unparalleled quality in every roll.


  • Filament Name: Toyar PLA (Transparent)
  • Diameter Format: 1.75mm
  • Print Temp.: 190-220℃
  • Tolerance: ±0.03mm
  • Print Speed: 50-100mm/s
  • Platform Temp: 0-50℃
  • N.W.: 1KG
  • G.W.: 1.4KG
  • Inner carton size: 21*21*7.3cm (1 roll )
  • Carton size: 44*22*38cm (10 rolls)
  • Vacuum bag, Desiccant, inner box
  • Length: 1.75mm(1KG)=340m

In every strand of Toyar's transparent PLA filament lies a story of innovation, commitment, and an unwavering passion for excellence in 3D printing.



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