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A red LCD2004ABA display with a wire attached to it, suitable for microcontroller applications, by Cirrus Link - 3D Printing Perth.
A red LCD board with cables and a red LCD screen (LCD Display: LCD2004ABA with dial button and SD card reader) for microcontroller applications, by 3D Printing Perth - Cirrus Link.

LCD Display: LCD2004ABA with dial button and SD card reader

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The LCD2004 20x4 I2C Blue LCD Display is a multifunctional and user-friendly display module commonly used in various electronic projects, including microcontroller applications. The LCD2004 2004ABA V1.3 with a dial button and SD card reader is a versatile and functional display module designed for use in various electronics projects, including 3D printers. Here's an overview of its key features and specifications:

Product Description

  1. Display Layout: The LCD2004 module features a 20 character by 4 line display, providing ample space for displaying text and simple graphics. Each character is constructed from a 5x8 dot matrix, ensuring clear character representation.

  2. Backlight and Visibility: It comes with a blue backlight and white characters, enhancing visibility and readability. The backlight's contrast can be adjusted via a potentiometer, allowing for optimal viewing in different lighting conditions.

  3. Interface and Connectivity: This display incorporates an I2C interface, which simplifies the connection to a microcontroller as it only requires two pins (SDA and SCL) for operation. This feature makes it particularly efficient and resource-saving for projects where pin availability is limited.

  4. Power Requirements: The module operates at 5V and includes a header for easy connection to power sources and data lines. Its backlight can operate down to about 3V before it goes out, with a typical current draw of about 30mA at 5V.

  5. Physical Dimensions: The overall size of the PCB is 99 x 60mm (approximately 3.9" x 2.36"), with a display bezel of 97 x 40mm (approximately 3.82" x 1.58").

  6. User Interface: The module includes a rotary encoder (dial button) which enhances user interaction, allowing for easy navigation through menus and options.
  7. SD Card Reader: It's equipped with an SD card reader, enabling users to load and store data directly from an SD card. This feature is particularly useful in 3D printing applications


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