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The SOVOL Filament Dual Bay Dryer SH01 offers exceptional print quality and is compatible with a variety of 3D printing filaments. With the addition of the SOVOL Filament Dual Bay Dryer SH01, you can achieve even better results.
The SOVOL Filament Dual Bay Dryer SH01 offers excellent print quality with a wide range of vibrant colors thanks to its innovative use of SOVOL Filament Dryer technology.
The SOVOL Filament Dual Bay Dryer SH01 is a high-quality 3D printing filament box that offers a wide range of vibrant colors. It ensures optimal print quality by providing a controlled environment for the

Filament Dryer - Sovol Filament Dual Bay Dryer SH01

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The Sovol Filament Dryer (SH01 model) is specially designed to remove moisture from your 3D printing filament to restore print quality and prevent issues like stringing and clogging. Its standout feature is the ability to dry two full rolls of filament at the same time.

The spacious interior can hold two spools under 70mm wide simultaneously with ample space around each roll, or it can hold one 150mm wide roll. This dual spool capacity eliminates the need to buy multiple dryers and means you can efficiently get all your filaments dried for top quality prints.

The airtight sealing makes this possible. The dryer has a silicone surround between the lid and box to create a tight seal when clamped shut with the locking clips. Combined with the closable Teflon outlets, this allows an oxygen-free environment so filament can be thoroughly dried and then stored long term without reabsorbing ambient humidity.

You get total control over the drying with customizable heat from 40°C to 50°C and adjustable timers from 6 to 12 hours. The integrated sensor displays the real-time relative humidity inside so you can monitor the progression.

With this unrivaled dual-spool drying capacity plus dial-in temperature and humidity flexibility, the Sovol Filament Dryer gives you professional-level results.

Key Features:

  • Designed specifically for drying 3D printer filament to remove moisture and restore print quality
  • Large capacity - can hold 2 spools <70mm wide or 1 spool <150mm wide
  • Adjustable temperature (40-50°C) and time settings (6-12 hours)
  • Displays real-time humidity levels inside the box
  • Excellent sealing for storage - has a silicone spacer, lockable lid, and closable Teflon outlets
  • Made of durable PC+ABS material
  • Comes with 2 Teflon outlets for smooth filament feeding
  • Has 2 locking clips to securely attach the lid

Recommended settings:

  • PLA/Wood: 40-50°C
  • PETG/TPU/PVA: 45-50°C
  • ABS/PC: 50°C

Usage tips:

  • Dry filament for 12-24 hours if very humid
  • Allow moisture to escape while drying by opening outlets/lid
  • Position spools correctly for smooth filament feeding


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