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Information about FLSUN Q5

Flsun Q5

Flsun Q5 3D printer is a 3D printer for beginer. The printer is very beginer- frenidly . Most parts been pre-assembly already. The Motherboard, power supply, driver, hotend etc. already come in a set, The installaion time is about 20 to 30 minutes for most people. Just a few cables need to be plug and put together.

There are some pictures to show how to assembly the Flsun Q5 3D printer and put together. If you still not sure, video provided as well.

The videos also show the information of how to do auto-leveling, how to change filament, how to change nozzle.

Hope those information is useful for you and enjoy your printing.


Assembly information:

 1. Put the rod in. Pass wires through the hole and tight up the screws

2. Connect the motor cable connection and endstop switch cable connection. Finish the others 2.


3. Make sure two logo are in the same direction.


4. Check all rod to be sucure, check the nut to be sucure, make sure not loosing. once the nut  loose, tighten it up again to ensure the fastened. 


5. Make sure the logo, tower, bulge relative position.


6. To conect the cables for the hotend and fan. Make sure you match the colour and put the same colour connector together. Also connect the heated bed heater and tempurature. 





 Assembly guide of Flsun Q5


Auto-leveling, changing filament and standard use of Flsun Q5


 How to change hotend nozzle of Flsun Q5



How to adjust and tight up the belt of Flsun Q5 


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