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Discover the Fastest 3D Printing with V400 1.4 Firmware

FLSUN has just launched version 1.4 of their firmware for the popular V400 3D printer, packed with exciting new features and optimizations.

Greatly Improved Printing Speeds

One of the biggest improvements in this new firmware is the significantly increased maximum printing speed, now boosted from 400mm/s up to an impressive 600mm/s. This allows for much faster print times without compromising on quality.

Enhanced System Interface and Controls

Several updates have been made to improve the V400's system interface and controls:

  • The interface now includes a reduced moonraker button for easier navigation.

  • Resonance compensation and auto-leveling functions have been optimized for simplified use.

  • Both the Wifi and console keyboards have been upgraded for an improved user experience.

Convenient Temperature and Language Updates

Users will also benefit from convenient updates to the default temperatures and added language packs:

  • Default temperatures are now 220°C for PLA and 210°C for FLEX filaments.

  • New language packs include Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish.

Auto Time Zone Calibration and Slicing Profiles

Two new features that will save users time are:

  • Auto-calibrate time zone after networking to update time zones automatically.

  • Added default slicing profiles for ABS, ASA, TPU and more.

Additional Refinements

Other noteworthy improvements include:

  • Updated pause position when printing is paused.

  • Adjusted default fan shutdown behavior.

  • Restore factory settings option added.

With major speed boosts, usability upgrades, and handy additions like time zone calibration and slicing profiles, this firmware update takes the FLSUN V400 to the next level.


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You can use this link to direct download the new version!

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Don't forget to join FLSUN's new official Discord server as well! You will be able to find a space to compare and seek support on any topic!
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🔹 Increased the maximum printing speed to ⚡️600 mm/s and the maximum acceleration to 10,000 mm/s².
🔹 Reduced the system interface moonraker update button.
🔹 Optimized the resonance compensation function to simplify the use of the Adxl345 (no need to manually change parameters, NOW PLUG AND PLAY).
🔹 Optimized the Wifi input keyboard and console keyboard.
🔹 Simplified the leveling process.
🔹 Repaired the printing process; now, the temperature interface hotbed is not selected by default.
🔹 Changed the default value of PLA filament temperature to 220℃, 60℃, and the default value of FLEX filament temperature to 210℃, 60℃.
🔹 Changed the pause position of the effector when printing is paused, with the y-value of the point changed to -90mm.
🔹 Changed the default shutdown behavior of the ordinary fan when PAD is shut down.
🔹 Added a button to restore factory settings in the settings interface.
🔹 Added a button to set the time zone in the settings interface.
🔹 Added multiple language packs: cs, jp, ko, pt, sv, tr.
🔹 Added an auto-calibrate time zone function; the PAD will restart and update the time zone automatically after networking.
🔹 Added a command to clear pause in KlipperScreen.
🔹 Added default slicing parameters for ABS, ASA, TPU, and other filaments for your convenience and use

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