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FLSUN S1: The Pinnacle of Speed and Stability in 3D Printing

Breakneck Printing Speeds with Precision

The FLSUN S1 3D printer sets a new standard in the industry with its astonishing maximum printing speed of 1200mm/s, making it one of the fastest printers available on the market. This impressive speed dramatically reduces the time required to bring complex and large-scale models from digital concept to physical reality. High-speed printing can often come at the cost of precision, but the FLSUN S1 ensures that quality is not sacrificed for speed, providing the best of both worlds.

Advanced Motors for Enhanced Stability

Driving this remarkable speed is the printer's 36v closed-loop motor system. Closed-loop motors are known for their ability to maintain control over the position of the printer head, ensuring precision and accuracy even at high speeds. This is crucial for achieving the superior print quality that professionals require. The motors adjust in real-time, correcting any positional deviations, which prevents the loss of steps and negates the risk of print errors that can occur with open-loop systems.

Exceptional Acceleration and Flow Rates

The FLSUN S1 doesn't just excel in speed; it also boasts a maximum acceleration of 40000mm/s². Such high acceleration capabilities enable the printer to reach its top speeds more quickly, increasing overall efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the printer's maximum flow rate of 110mm³/s for PLA filament ensures that even at high speeds, the extrusion of filament remains consistent and reliable, further enhancing the print quality.

Conclusion: A Speedy Solution for Professional Demands

The combination of high-speed printing, stable closed-loop motors, extraordinary acceleration, and consistent flow rates makes the FLSUN S1 a powerhouse for professionals and hobbyists who refuse to compromise on speed or quality. Whether it's for rapid prototyping or large production runs, the FLSUN S1 provides a level of performance that can keep pace with the creativity and productivity demands of any project.


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