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Unveiling the Search Giant of 3D Models: Yeggi

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In the vast digital ocean of 3D printable models, finding the right design can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is where Yeggi steps in, acting as your compass in this expansive realm. Established in 2013 by Swiss entrepreneur Johannes Göransson, Yeggi is a game-changing search engine tailored for the 3D printing community .

Often referred to as the “Google for 3D printable models,” Yeggi aggregates 3D printable designs from various repositories, providing users with a comprehensive platform to discover and access an extensive library of 3D designs . Whether you are a professional designer or a hobbyist, Yeggi’s user-friendly interface and powerful search capabilities make it easier for users to find the right models and designs for their 3D printing projects .

How to Get Started on Yeggi

1. Visit Launch your web browser and navigate to
2. Create an Account: While account creation is not mandatory, having an account provides additional features. Click on the three-dashed tab at the top right corner of the homepage, and select sign-up. Enter your email id and verify it by clicking on the link sent to your email .
3. Explore: Utilize the search bar to find specific models or explore popular and random models suggested on the homepage.
4. Download Models: When you find a model you like, click on it to get redirected to the original webpage hosting the 3D model, where you can download the necessary files for 3D printing.

Yeggi’s vast collection boasts over 2.4 million 3D models, covering a plethora of categories. It’s a central hub that directs you to various platforms hosting the 3D model files, such as Thingiverse, GrabCad, and 3DLT among others . The platform simplifies the search process, saving you valuable time, and bringing a multitude of 3D printable designs at your fingertips.

With Yeggi, the search for the perfect 3D model becomes less daunting, and the world of 3D printing becomes more accessible. Its extensive database and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for anyone keen on delving into 3D printing projects.


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