GT2 20 Tooth Aluminum Sync Wheel Idler Pulley Φ8mm for 10mm belt

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Sync Wheel Pulley make the timing belt move and the X, Y, Z axis will move up and down, left and right, toward and backward.

Please beware as there are different tooth for Idler Pulley, the tooth number will affect the speed, syncing, accurate of printing. And you will need to redo the calibration for your 3D printer after you put different tooth and different size Idler Pulley.



20 Tooth idler pulley

H-type synchronous pulley wheel

Tooth width : 10mm

Material: Aluminum

Tooth: 20 (T)

Belt Width: 10 (mm)

Height : 19.5mm

Unit diameter : 16mm

Center hole diameter : 8mm